009-1 centers around the agents of the Zero Zero Organization, an intelligence group for the Western Bloc, and primarily around it’s number one agent, Mylène* Hoffman, whose parents were killed while defecting to the West in pursuit of the ever elusive ideal of freedom and who was subsequently raised in an orphanage before being recruited into the intelligence community and given cybernetic enhancements, including superhuman speed and flexibility, boosted senses, and machine guns implanted in her breasts. Mylène performs her job with the aid of nearly a dozen other agents, all presumably women, though only three of them (009-3, 009-4, and 009-7) are featured.
The world in which they work is one not so much of peace as absence of war, and it is a world strikingly similar to that of the era in which the original story was written, at least in terms of politics and ubiquitous technologies; that is to say, the worldview is somewhat simplistic (West vs. East, freedom vs. oppression, etc.) and the only advanced technology seems to be in the hands of those waging the behind-the scenes battles (government agencies have laser weapons, cyborgs, holography, and more, while personal vehicles, cityscapes, and spaceflight technology appear to be right out of the ’60s and there’s not a mobile phone or tablet computer to be seen).

OP Theme / OST & ED Theme

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