11eyes (3 CD)

11eyes: Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shōjo (11eyes -罪と罰と贖いの少女-, lit. 11eyes: Sin, Damnation, and the Atonement Girl), known simply as 11eyes in its anime adaptation, is an adult visual novel developed and published by Lass first released on April 25, 2008 for a Microsoft Windows PC as a DVD; 11 eyes is Lass’ fourth game. A port playable on the Xbox 360 entitled 11eyes CrossOver was released on April 2, 2009 published by 5pb..A manga adaptation illustrated by Naoto Ayano began serialization in the October 2009 issue of Kadokawa Shoten’s Comp Ace magazine. An anime adaptation produced by Dogakobo and directed by Masami Shimoda began airing in Japan on October 7, 2009. A fan disc for Windows entitled 11eyes -Resona Forma- was planned for release at Fall 2010.

When the Sky turns Red, the Moon turns Black, and monsters begin roaming the streets, Satsuki Kakeru is at a loss for what to do. Along with his best friend Yuka, they try to decipher why they have been sent to this strange world, which is seemingly empty aside from themselves.
However, when the “Red Night” ends, Kakeru and Yuka believed it was all a dream, until it happens again and they are left in a dangerous situation. They meet four others in the same predicament: Kusakabe Misuzu, an expert swordswoman, Tachibana Kukuri, a strange mute girl who looks uncannily like Kakeru’s deceased sister, Hirohara Yukiko, a lively young girl whose personality reverts to that of a cold killer when her glasses are removed, and Tajima Takahisa, a young pyrokineticist.
As the six of them band together to survive and discover what this mysterious world is, things take a turn for the worse as six shadows appear before them…[sociallocker]
[Oct 21, 2009] Ayane – Arrival of Tears (OP)
[Nov 27, 2009] Asriel – Sequentia (ED)
[Dec 25, 2009] 11eyes OST[/sociallocker]

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