3×3 Eyes (9 CD)

3×3 Eyes, pronounced Sazan Eyes (サザンアイズ) in Japanese, is a manga written and illustrated by Yuzo Takada. The manga was serialized in Young Magazine from 1987 to 2002, spanning to a total of 40 volumes. In 1993, it won the Kodansha Manga Award for shōnen. The manga has received two Original Video Animation series based on 3×3 Eyes and were first released in 1991 and 1995. The first consisted of four episodes averaging to half-hour of run time. The second consisted of three averaging out to 45-minutes of run time. They cover the storyline up to volume 5 of the manga.

3X3 Eyes is the story of a young man named Yakumo Fuuji, who through a strange series of events becomes the immortal slave of the last of a race of 3 Eyed immortals. The immortal absorbs his soul to save his life, making him immortal in the process. Now, he begins a journey with the female immortal in an attempt to find a way of becoming human. Of course, there are many complications along the way, not the least of which being that the immortal is a female with a split personality, one achingly cute and the other being no-nonsense destructive power, and the romances that develop between.[sociallocker]
[Aug 21, 1991] 3×3 Eyes Dai-ichi Shou
[Dec 05, 1991] 3×3 Eyes Dai-ni Shou
[Apr 22, 1992] 3×3 Eyes Dai-san Shou
[Jun 24, 1992] 3×3 Eyes Present TAKADA BAND
[Jul 05, 1995] 3×3 Eyes Seima Densetsu Matsuei Fudanshi
[Jun 05, 1996] 3×3 Eyes Seima Densetsu Matsuei Fudanshi 2
[Sep 15, 2010] 3×3 Eyes Blu-Ray Box Bonus CD
[Oct 21, 2015] Megumi Hayashibara – Sanhara ~Seinaru Chihara~[/sociallocker]

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