☆Seventh★Heaven☆/…Out of control…

☆Seventh★Heaven☆/…Out of control… / The Children, Karen GUY’s
☆Seventh★Heaven☆/…Out of control… / ザ・チルドレン/可憐GUY’s
Catalog Number GNCA-0199
Release Date Jul 28, 2010[sociallocker]
01 ☆Seventh★Heaven☆ 4:05 – The Children (ザ・チルドレン)
02 …Out of control… 3:37 – Karen GUY’s (可憐GUY’s)
03 ☆Seventh★Heaven☆ (INST) 4:05
04 …Out of Control… (INST)
Theme Song for Zettai Karen Children OVA
File Size: 40 MB (w/scans)[/sociallocker]

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