9nine – Shoujo Traveler

“Shoujo Traveler” is the ninth single released by 9nine. It was released in four versions, three limited CD+DVD editions and one regular CD Only edition. First press of the regular edition and all three limited editions include a random (1 of 7) trading card. Additionally the first press of the CD only edition also includes a Beelzebub sticker. The title track was used as ending theme song for the anime Beelzebub and as opening theme song for the TV show Konna no Idol Janain!?.
Released: 2012.01.25 // Catalog Number: SECL-1060[sociallocker]
1 Shoujo Traveler (少女トラベラー)
2 Monokuro (モノクロ)
3 SHINING☆STAR (tofubeats remix)
4 Shoujo Traveler (Instrumental)
5 Monokuro (Instrumental) (モノクロ)
File Size: 58 MB (320kbps)[/sociallocker]

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