みみめめMIMI (MimiMemeMIMI) is a two piece female unit made up of members Yuka and Chamooi that debuted with “Sentimental Love,” the theme song for ATWYL. The girls call themselves a “next generation audiovisual unit” and offer a unique mixture of music and imagery, with Yuka providing vocals and Chamooi handling the visual elements. The two met while attending the same college, and, with the advice of an anime theme song producer, decided to form an official unit. Vocalist Yuka has been writing songs since middle school, and has been performing as a singer-songwriter for some time. Specifics about her career before her debut are still unknown.[sociallocker]
[2013.08.14] Sentimental Love
[2014.01.08] Shunkan Reality
[2014.05.28] Sayonara Usotsuki
[2014.08.13] Meikyu Sentimental
[2015.06.10] Candy Magic
[2015.11.17] 天手古舞 (Tente Komai)
[2016.01.29] ChaChaCha
[2016.02.03] Chocolate Kakumei[/sociallocker]

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