Aa! Megami-sama! (36 CD)


Oh My Goddess! (ああっ女神さまっ), or Ah! My Goddess! in some releases, is a Japanese seinen manga series written and illustrated by Kōsuke Fujishima. It has been serialized in Afternoon since September 1988; the individual chapters are being published in tankōbon by Kodansha, with the first released on August 23, 1989; the final volume of the manga series, volume 48, was released on July 23, 2014, marking nearly 26 years of publication. The series follows college sophomore Keiichi Morisato and the goddess Belldandy who moves in with him in a Buddhist temple; after Belldandy’s sisters Urd and Skuld move in with them, they encounter gods, demons and other supernatural entities as Keiichi develops his relationship with Belldandy.

The story advances at a steady pace, however sometimes it can be slow while sometimes it can be fast. I personally thought the story was interesting, and it intrigued me to watch more and more of it. There are no filler episodes, as each episode contributes to something within the story. Thankfully no episodes have extremely long talks, nor do they have “no action”. There will always be a little bit of action, and comedy in certain area’s. This type of anime is one of a lot which I enjoy watching. However, from the pictures you may see of the anime – it does seem girly, and such – however, even if it does look girly, it’s not. If you just take the time to watch a couple of episodes you will realise that this anime could be a great enjoyment for you.

[Mar 13, 1991] Aa Megami-sama Music and Short Story
[Jun 19, 1992] Ah! My Goddess Sanshin Debut Single Pack
[Sept 18, 1992] Ah! My Goddess Sanshin Second Single Pack
[Aug 22, 1993] Ah! My Goddess Original Soundtrack Vol.1
[Mar 18, 1994] Aa Megami-sama Kami no Karaoke CD
[Jun 01, 1994] Ah! My Goddess Original Soundtrack Vol.2 Super
[Aug 07, 1997] Anata no Birthday (Belldandy)
[Aug 07, 1997] Fortune Smiled on You (urd)
[Aug 07, 1997] Jitensha (Skuld)
[Jun 03, 1998] Yuki Ishii – Denwa Shite Darlin’
[Oct 21, 1998] Ongakuhen ~Tte Koto wa Yukai da ne!
[Dec 02, 1998] SPLASH – XXX (Kiss Kiss Kiss)
[Apr 24, 1999] Ongaku hen 2 ~Tte Koto wa Tsuzuki da ne!
[Dec 01, 1999] Chitchai Megami no Okkina Ensoukai
[Oct 18, 2000] Saori Nishihata – Try To Wish
[Nov 01, 2000] Gekijouban Ah! My Goddess OST
[Dec 20, 2000] Aa! Megami-sama! Single+ KYARASON complete
[Dec 20, 2000] Ah! Megami-sama! Tokuten-oh+
[Dec 20, 2000] Ah! Megami-sama! Kami-sama no okurimono+
[Jan 26, 2005] Yoko Ishida – OPEN YOUR MIND ~Chiisana Hane Hirogete~
[Feb 25, 2005] Ah! My Goddess Original Sound Track-1
[May 18, 2005] Yoko Takahashi – WING
[Jun 22, 2005] Ah! My Goddess Variety Album-1
[Jun 24, 2005] Ah! My Goddess Original Sound Track-2
[Jul 22, 2005] Ah! My Goddess Variety Album-2
[Aug 24, 2005] Ah! My Goddess Variety Album-3
[Apr 26, 2006] Yoko Ishida – Shiawase no Iro
[Jul 05, 2006] Ah! My Goddess : Sorezore no Tsubasa – Drama CD 1
[Jul 26, 2006] Jyukai – Koibito Doushi
[Jul 28, 2006] Ah! My Goddess Sorezore no Tsubasa OST
[Aug 25, 2006] Ah! My Goddess : Sorezore no Tsubasa – Drama CD 2
[Nov 28, 2007] Ai no Hoshi/Hanamuke no Melody
[Feb 27, 2008] Megami-sama CD – Tenjou Tsuushin ~Ten no Maki
[May xx, 2008] Radio Megami-sama Tenjoukai Tsuushin Chi no Maki
[Dec 01, 2010] fripSide – infinite synthesis
[Aug 28, 2013] OAD “Ah! My Goddess” Insert Song


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