Absolute Duo (8 CD)

Absolute Duo (アブソリュート・デュオ) is a Japanese light novel series by Takumi Hiiragiboshi with illustrations by Yū Asaba. An anime television series adaptation by 8-Bit began airing from January 4, 2015.
After a traumatic accident takes his loved one, Tooru Kokonoe enrolls Kouryou Academy, a school where every student has a weapon that is their soul manifestation. Fueled by his desire for revenge, Tooru is dismayed to discover his soul is not a weapon… but a shield.
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Opening Theme: “Absolute Soul” by Konomi Suzuki
Ending Theme (Single)
#1: “Believe×Believe” by Julie Sigtuna (Nozomi Yamamoto) (eps 1-3, 12)
#2: “Apple Tea no Aji” by Julie Sigtuna × Lilith Bristol (Haruka Yamazaki) (eps 4-7)
#3: “2/2” by Miyabi Hotaka (Ayaka Imamura) × Tomoe Tachibana (Ayaka Suwa) (eps 8-11)
Absolute Duo Special Disc:
1 – Character Song Yurie Sigtuna & Drama CD
2 – Character Song Lilith Bristol & Drama CD
3 – Character Song Miyabi Hotaka & Drama CD
4 – Character Song Tomoe Tachibana & Drama CD
5 – Character Song Yurie Sigtuna, Lilith Bristol, Miyabi Hotaka, Tomoe Tachibana & Drama CD
6 – Character Song & Original Soundtrack

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