Afro Samurai

Afro Samurai (アフロサムライ) is a Japanese seinen dōjinshi manga series written and illustrated by manga artist Takashi Okazaki. It was originally serialized irregularly in the avant-garde dōjinshi manga magazine Nou Nou Hau from September 1999 to May 2000. Inspired by Okazaki’s love of soul and hip hop music and American media, it follows the life of Afro Samurai who witnessed his father (owner of the No. 1 headband) being killed by a gunslinger, Justice (owner of the No. 2 headband) while he was a child. As an adult, Afro sets off to avenge his father’s death and kill Justice.

The Afro Samurai dōjinshi was adapted into a 5-episode anime TV mini-series by studio Gonzo in 2007. The same studio also went on to produce a made-for-TV movie sequel titled Afro Samurai: Resurrection in 2009, which gained two Emmy nominations, for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation, which it won, and Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming One Hour or More).

After watching his father die in a duel against an unbeatable villain known only as “Justice,” young Afro fixes his life on the study of swords and revenge. The tale of Afro Samurai is one of bloody hardship and pain. Along his solitary path of revenge for his murdered father, he sheds no tears & knows no love. Forever chased by powerful enemies in a lawless technology-speckled dystopia, he evades bullets and blade to reach his final prey: a man who will not die. But Afro will reach his quarry—even if it means painting a road of blood and brains from here to the bitter inevitable end.

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[Jan 30, 2007] Afro Samurai The Soundtrack
[Jan 27, 2009] Afro Samurai Resurrection The Soundtrack

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