Air Gear / エア・ギア


When I started up the first episode of Air Gear I was pretty skeptical. I almost let this one pass by just on the basis that it was based on kids with motorized roller blades. However by the third episode I was completely hooked. I then proceeded to cram 25 episodes in over the span of the night. I must say given the fact that this is based on roller blading I was very impressed with the story presentation, and by the end of the 25th episode I was left begging for a second season. I can only hope that the anime gods are working on granting me this wish right now. Along with Berserk that is. An excellent job. The focus on character development is truly what makes the world of Air Treks enjoyable. I’ll admit some of the characters are pretty anime cliche, but Air Gear goes a lot further by flushing them out well. Characters are easy to understand, and feel. Almost everyone in the series has their humorous moments whether it’s being perverted, clumsy, or just plain sleazy you’ll love it.

Last Modified: Feb 23, 2016
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