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Air is a Japanese adult visual novel developed by Key released on September 8, 2000 for Windows PCs. Key later released versions of Air without the erotic content, and the game was ported to the Dreamcast, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable. The story follows the life of Yukito Kunisaki, a traveling showman searching for the “girl in the sky”. He arrives in a quiet, seaside town where he meets three girls, one of whom is the key to the end of his journey. Following the game’s release, Air made several transitions into other media. Kyoto Animation produced a 13-episode anime television series and a two-episode anime mini-series in 2005, and Toei Animation produced an anime film in 2005.

Yukito Kunisaki is on a journey in search of the Winged Maiden who was bound to the sky centuries ago, after hearing an old childhood tale from his mother. As Yukito shows his puppet show to people in an attempt to make some money, he finds himself in a small town in which he did not expect to stay very long. However, when he meets an unusual girl named Misuzu, things take a drastic turn as he is invited to stay with her.

By staying in the quaint town, Yukito soon becomes friends with the locals. As he gets to know them better, he learns of their problems and decides to help, putting his search for the Winged Maiden on hold. With his search on hold, and his growing attachment to Misuzu and the small town, will Yukito ever find the Winged Maiden, or is she closer than he thought?

Air the story of Yukito Kunisaki, a young man carrying on his family’s journey to find the “girl in the sky” and free her from a curse. Stumbling upon a sleepy coastal town, he meets three girls: Misuzu Kamio, Kana Kirishima, and Minagi Tohno. He comes to spend more and more time in the town, living at the Kamio residence with Misuzu and her adopted mother. Some may know, others may not, but Air is based off an ero visual novel by KEY. Thus, each of the main heroines (Misuzu, Kana, and Minagi) each have different scenarios to explore. The short anime tries its best to explore each scenario, but since it was so short, it felt somewhat rushed and the arcs of Kana and Minagi felt somewhat detached. However, since it’s really a personal thing — someone who isn’t a romance, drama, supernatural sort of thing probably won’t like this. However, I loved Air every moment, from beginning to end. If you’re looking for a nice romance with a touch of supernatural fantasy and great characters, I highly recommend Air.

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[Aug 09, 2002] AIR Original Soundtrack
[Mar 25, 2005] AIR the motion picture Soundtrack
[May 03, 2006] Tori no Uta / Farewell Song

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