Ajimu: Kaigan Monogatari

Ajimu: Kaigan Monogatari / Ajimu Beach Story / あじむ ~海岸物語~
Seventeen year old Nakaido Hirosuke is just your average high school student. One morning as he arrives at the train station on his way to school, he catches sight of a beautiful girl, Ajimu Yasuna, and immediately falls for her. The two of them get to know each other and become friends, but he can’t confess his feelings and she is unsure of hers. As events and other people present obstacles for the potential couple to clear, their relationship begins to develop and their feelings become clear.

Its not a great story, in fact there really isnt much of a story at all. The music has its moments and the feel of the surroundings is of a seaside resort that is experiencing a quiet season. What kept me watching was Ajimu who is not the usual pink haired moe anime girl, but rather an almost level headed person who is suffering the pangs of a lost love. In fact most of the characters had a sensible feel about them that was a refreshing change. By the end of episode 3 I was considering that this was an anime that lost out. There is so much latent potential in it that could have been explored had there been more episodes, characters could have been fleshed out more and the story could have been given more substance. By the end of the series I was wishing it had been because I was actually enjoying it.

Last Modified: Feb 23, 2016
Opening Theme: “Futari no Prologue” by Saeko Chiba
Ending Theme: “Orange” by Saeko Chiba
Ajimu Original Album (BGM & Theme Song, Insert Song)

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