Akame ga Kill! (6p)

Akame ga Kill! (アカメが斬る! Akame ga Kiru!, literally meaning “Red Eye Killer” or “Akame Slashes!”) is a Japanese shōnen manga series written by Takahiro and illustrated by Tetsuya Tashiro. It started serialization in Square Enix’s Gangan Joker in March 2010. In a fantasy world, fighter Tatsumi sets out for the Capitol to earn money for his starving village, and finds a world of unimaginable corruption, all spreading from the depraved Prime Minister who controls the child Emperor’s ear. After nearly becoming a victim of this corruption himself, Tatsumi is recruited by Night Raid, a group of assassins dedicated to eliminating the corruption plaguing the Capitol by mercilessly killing those responsible.

Night Raid is the covert assassination branch of the Revolutionary Army, an uprising assembled to overthrow Prime Minister Honest, whose avarice and greed for power has lead him to take take advantage of the child emperor’s inexperience. Without a strong and benevolent leader, the rest of the nation is left to drown in poverty, strife, and ruin. Though the Night Raid members are all experienced killers, they understand that taking lives is far from commendable and that they will likely face retribution as they mercilessly eliminate anyone who stands in the revolution’s way.
This merry band of assassins’ newest member is Tatsumi, a naïve boy from a remote village who had embarked on a journey to help his impoverished hometown and was won over by not only Night Raid’s ideals, but also their resolve. Akame ga Kill! follows Tatsumi as he fights the Empire and comes face-to-face with powerful weapons, enemy assassins, challenges to his own morals and values, and ultimately, what it truly means to be an assassin with a cause.

Last Modified: Feb 24, 2016
[Aug 13, 2014] Sora Amamiya – Skyreach
[Aug 13, 2014] Miku Sawai – Konna Sekai, Shiritakunakatta
[Nov 19, 2014] Sora Amamiya – Tsuki Akari
[Nov 26, 2014] Rika Mayama – Liar Mask
[Feb 18, 2015] Akame ga Kill! Original Soundtrack 1
[Mar 18, 2015] Akame ga Kill! Original Soundtrack 2

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