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“Beginner” is the 18th major single (20th overall) released by AKB48. It was released in five versions: a limited type-A CD+DVD edition, a regular type-A CD+DVD edition, a limited type-B CD+DVD edition, a regular type-B CD+DVD edition, and a limited CD-only theater edition. The limited type-A and type-B editions came with an alternate cover and a ticket to attend a handshaking event, and all four type-A and type-B editions came with a serial number to vote for a song to be performed at AKB48’s Request Hour Setlist Best 100 2011 concert in January 2011. The single is the best-selling single of 2010. The RIAJ has certified the title track Platinum for full song downloads of over 250,000.
Released: 2010.10.27
Catalog Number: NMAX-1098 (Theater Edition)[sociallocker]
1. Beginner
It’s the 18th single from AKB48. It first appears in the anime in Episode 3 when the girls go through a test to decide who will be the 77th Generation understudies. While this occurs, the song is heard because the successors are in the middle of a concert performing it. In Episode 8, it is sung by Takamina, Kojiharu, Yuko and Yukirin at a peace ceremony that AKB0048 was invited to attend. In Episode 15, Chieri is practicing the routine of the song by herself, and in Episode 16, the successors perform the song before the General Elections begin.
2. Boku Dake no value (僕だけのvalue) (Undergirls)
It is a song that is part of AKB48’s 18th single, Beginner, and is sung by Undergirls. In the anime, it appears in Episode 18, when Makoto fulfills the mission of the understudies and shuts down a base of DES.
3. Kimi ni Tsuite (君について) (MINT)
4. Nakeru Basho (泣ける場所) (DIVA)
File Size: 42 MB (320kbpps)[/sociallocker]


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