Akikan! (アキカン!, lit. Empty Can!) is a Japanese light novel series about a group of anthropomorphic drink cans who do battle. It was created by Riku Ranjō, with illustrations by Hiro Suzuhira, known for her artistry in Shuffle!.
Hobbies are often a great way of meeting new people, but how could Kakeru Diachi, who collects rare juice cans, have ever suspected that he’d meet a fascinating new girl when he attempted to DRINK her? Naming her Melon, because she’s got great melon… soda, Kakeru quickly learns that she’s an Akikan—a beautiful girl who’s also a special can created to fight other Akikans in a strange experiment to determine what kind of container is better: steel or aluminum!
Will becoming involved in this ridiculously twisted research project gone amuck complicate Kakeru’s life incredibly? Of course it will, but because Melon’s steel body needs carbon dioxide to breathe, he’s now stuck with her since she’s too CO2 dependent! And when his wealthy, attractive, best childhood friend Najimi gets HER own aluminum Akikan, the trouble really begins![sociallocker]
Opening Theme
#1: “Miracle Plan ga Dekichatta!” by Charmmy Queen [Single w/scans]
#2: “Juicy Extacy (ジューシーエクスタシー)” by Little Non [Single w/scans]
Ending Theme (Album w/scanS)
#01: “Koisora Recycling (恋空リサイクリング) featuring Melon Soda” by Nomiko
#02: “Koisora Recycling featuring Tsubuiri Grape Juice” by Nomiko
#03: “Koisora Recycling featuring Ginger Ale (Dry)” by Nomiko
#04: “Koisora Recycling featuring Oolong Cha (Tokkyuu)” by Nomiko
#05: “Koisora Recycling featuring Nippon Cha (Ryokucha)” by Nomiko
#06: “Koisora Recycling featuring Cola!” by Nomiko with k. moriya
#07: “Koisora Recycling featuring Energy Drink” by Nomiko with Little Non
#08: “Koisora Recycling featuring Oden Kan” by Nomiko
#09: “Koisora Recycling featuring Peach Nectar” by Nomiko with Charmmy Queen
#10: “Koisora Recycling featuring Afternoon Koucha” by Nomiko
#11: “Koisora Recycling featuring Coffee (Black, Mutou)” by Nomiko
#12: “Koisora Recycling featuring Oshiruko” by Nomiko
#13: “Koisora Recycling featuring Mikkuchu Juuchu” by Nomiko feat. Miku Hatsune
Akikan Original Soundtrack (320kbps)[/sociallocker]

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