Alice & Zouroku

Alice & Zouroku (アリスと蔵六) is a Japanese manga series by Tetsuya Imai. It began serialization from December 2012 in Tokuma Shoten’s seinen manga magazine Monthly Comic Ryū. An anime television series adaptation by J.C.Staff is scheduled to air from April 2, 2017. The story centers on a little girl called Sana, who is one of the children that holds the power of “Alice’s Dream,” an ability that enables her to materialize anything she imagines. After escaping a lab where she was a test subject, Sana ends up in a normal world where she encounters an old man named Zouroku, but will he help her?

[May 24, 2017] OP: “Wonder Drive” – ORESAMA
[May 24, 2017] ED: toi toy toi – Chant
[June 28, 2017] Alice & Zouroku Original Soundtrack
[July 28, 2017] Alice & Zoroku Drama CD 1
[Oct 27, 2017] Alice & Zoroku Drama CD 2

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