Alien 9

Alien Nine (エイリアン9 ) is a manga series by Hitoshi Tomizawa, which was later adapted into an anime OVA series by J.C.Staff. The manga was serialized in Akita Shoten’s Young Champion magazine, spanning 3 volumes. In 2003, Tomizawa released a 1-volume sequel to the series called Alien 9 Emulators. Both the manga and anime are noted for their moe art style contrasting the realistic art style seen in most seinen series at the time and heavy violence despite the young main characters, Pokémon-like monster designs, and initial appearances of a slice-of-life-esque series.

Yuri Ootani, a girl who has been afraid of aliens, has been chosen to be on the alien party with the class president Kumi Kawamura, whose only intention to join the alien party is to get out of presidential duties, as well as Kasumi Tomine who is perfect at everything she does, including fighting all the aliens that come in their way. But can they defeat a massive alien who has already abducted Kasumi?

Alien Nine is a world, a world deeply immersed in flow of surreal symbolism and superflatism, a world imbued with feelings of anxiety, confusion and disgust filtered through lenses of young girl’s nightmare. It is an emotional experience more than a proper narrative (that never comes to an proper end in anime version anyway), one that will linger on viewer’s mind for a long while after the end credits for final episode have rolled. What most characterizes Alien Nine is a sense of ”schitzophrenia” in how everything from story and characters to music and visuals are handled. The round, big eyed character designs bestow every character (even adults) with cute and innocent looks. Then these cuties go through everything from gory, genuinely dangerous encounters with outlandish beasts to psyche shattering mindrapes. Yuri spends most of the encounters terrified out of her mind, reduced to a sobbing, curled ball. By the end of the show all girls have gone through their share of empty eyed staring with clothes soaked in alien blood.

[sociallocker]Opening Theme:
#1: “Flower Psychedelic: Kasumi Tomine Version” by Noriko Shitaya [Single]
#2: “Flower Psychedelic: Kumi Kawamura Version” by Kaori Shimizu [Single]
#3: “Flower Psychedelic: Yuri Otani Version” by Juri Ihata [Single]
Ending Theme: “rebirth” by en avant
Special CD ExtraDai 9 Shogakko Gakugei-kai
Alien Nine Original Soundtrack[/sociallocker]

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