Allison & Lillia


Allison & Lillia (アリソンとリリア) is a Japanese anime television series adapted from the light novel series Allison and Lillia and Treize by Keiichi Sigsawa. The anime, produced and animated by Madhouse, and directed by Masayoshi Nishida, aired in Japan on the NHK BS2 television channel between April 3 and October 2, 2008, and ran for 26 episodes. The first half of the anime covered the Allison novels, while the second half covered the Lillia and Treize novels. Set in a continent divided into two commonwealths that have been engaged in war for hundreds of years, Allison and Will go on a mission to search “the treasure that will put an end to the war”. Their hope is inherited to their daughter Lillia, who strives to thaw the torn nations into a united country. This anime encourages young generations to believe in a world without hatred or war regardless of nationalities and beliefs.

Allison and Lillia has a rather unusual flavour to it for an anime series. While you can see from a mile away that it is an action/adventure series with an underpinning romance subplot, it carries itself very differently from all other anime I’ve seen in this broader genre, and deals with a lot of themes that aren’t regularly explored in this medium. Perhaps this is to be expected from any anime that comes along with Keichii Sigsawa, original creator of the successful and remarkable Kino’s Journey. Kino’s Journey really tackled a whole array of social and human themes with depth and subtlety that I have not found in any other anime series I’ve ever seen, and while this show retains some charms of the author, particularly how his love for travel and adventure once again shine through, it really is vastly different. Gone is the grit, angst and metaphoric render of Kino’s Journey, and in its place Allison and Lillia pulsates with light-hearted energy and tries diligently to capture the pure spirit of adventure. I struggle to think of something that works as comparison, which is funny because one of the first things that sprung to mind to describe this show was “a traditional adventure”.

[sociallocker]Opening Theme:Tameiki no Hashi” by Kuricorder Quartet & Shione Yukawa [Single]
Ending Theme:Sayonara no Omajinai” by Kuricorder Quartet & Sou Matsumoto [Single]
Allison & Lillia Original Soundtrack: OST 1 / OST 2
Allison & Lillia Audio Drama CD: Allison to Will Another Story[/sociallocker]


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