Alola!! / Pose


Alola!! / Pose (Japanese: アローラ!!/ポーズ Arōra!! / Pōzu) is a CD single to be released in Japan on April 12, 2017. It will feature the first Japanese opening and ending theme of the Sun & Moon series – Alola!! and Pose. The limited edition includes a DVD and a Moncollé Get Pikachu – Battle Pose (Z-Move version).
Release date April 12, 2017
Catalog No. SECL-2138

CD Tracklist
1 アローラ!! Alola!! (Artist サトシwithピカチュウ (松本梨香/大谷育江)/ Satoshi with Pikachu (Rica Matsumoto/Ikue Ohtani))
Alola!! (Japanese: アローラ!! lit. Arōra!!) is the first opening song of the Sun & Moon series. It debuted in SM001, replacing XY&Z of the XY series.
2 ポーズ Pose (Artist 岡崎体育 / Okazaki Taiiku)
Pose (Japanese: ポーズ Pōzu) is the first ending theme of the Sun & Moon series. It debuted as an ending song in SM001.
3 アローラ!!-アニメサイズ- Alola!! -Anime Size-
4 ポーズ-アニメサイズ- Pose -Anime Size-
5 アローラ!!-Instrumental- Alola!! -Instrumental-
6 ポーズ-Instrumental- Pose -Instrumental-

[MP3 (320kbps): MirCr / UpBoy]



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