Amaenaide yo!!

Ah My Buddha, known in Japan as Amaenaide yo!! (あまえないでよっ!!, lit. “Don’t Act Spoiled!!”), is a manga series written and illustrated by Toshinori Sogabe that was serialised in Comic Gum magazine. An anime adaptation runs on TV Tokyo’s anime satellite channel, AT-X. A second “season” of the manga, named: Amaenaideyo!! MS! was released 3 years later. The second season of the anime, Amaenaide yo!! Katsu!! (あまえないでよっ!! 喝!!?, lit. “Don’t Act Spoiled!! Victory!!”), was shortly released and introduces a new antagonist character, the fifteen-year-old girl, Kazuki Kazusano who is actually very affectionate to Ikkou, unlike the other girls. The second season is also more serious and dramatic than the last one, and focuses more on Hinata’s unstable powers, Haruka’s childhood years and Kazuki’s tricks to get her hand on Ikkou’s powers. The show was broadcast in Japan with an R-15 rating, which is the Japanese equivalent of a ‘Restricted’ rating.

The show is very episodic by nature, thus one can watch all the episodes in whichever order one pleases (except for episode 1 and 12) and will still be able to follow the story. Nearly all episodes contain some sort of ecchiness (rated R) though they can hardly be compared to Kanokon. In terms of plot, the story is rather simple and easy to comprehend throughout the series. In fact the story is so simple that if the ecchiness can be taken out of the anime, the show is actually more suitable for children than young adults. While not the most ecchi anime you’ll ever come across, Amaenaide yo! will not disappoint you if you are looking for perverted anime. Personally I watch it because I have been exposed to Buddhism ever since a young age and I was curious to see what it might lead me to. The anime certainly pissed off my Buddist-self, but at the same time it was entertaining with its light comedy.


Opening Theme
1. “Afurete Yuku no wa Kono Kimochi” by Amae-tai!
2. “Amaenaide yo!!” by Amae-tai

Ending Theme
1. “Happy Days” by Mai Nakahara
2. “Lonesome Traveler” by Mai Nakahara
Amaenaide yo!! Kyarason DE Katsu!! [320kbps]
Amaenaide yo!! OST: Winter Side [320kbps]
Amaenaide yo!! OST: Summer Side [192kbps]


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