Amnesia (アムネシア) is a Japanese visual novel series by Idea Factory. It was first released on August 18, 2011 for PlayStation Portable, and then a fan disc in Japan, Amnesia Later, was released on March 15, 2012. Another sequel titled Amnesia Crowd was released on April 18, 2013. They were later combined for a PlayStation Vita release titled “Amnesia Later x Crowd V Edition” on October 16, 2014. Since this series is well received in Japan, it produced various related merchandise such as drama CDs, character music CDs and books. A 2013 anime television series has been produced by Brain’s Base.

This story takes place in a fictional town, in a fictional country, in a fictional world. One morning, a young lady awakens to find that she has lost all her memories prior to that morning. Her life, her relationships, her very name—all gone. All that’s left is a cell phone with numbers and names she doesn’t recognize and Orion, a young boy that only she appears to be able to see. With Orion’s guidance, she struggles to make sense of herself, a boyfriend she doesn’t know and the thousand and one little things that make up a daily life. But with no memories left, the only alternative is to forge new ones, even if that means leaving old loves behind.

Last Modified: Apr 09, 2016
[Jan 30, 2013] ED: yanaginagi – Zoetrope
[Feb 06, 2013] OP: Ray – Recall
[Feb 27, 2013] Drama CD: Arashi no Sanso nite
[Mar 27, 2013] Bonus CD 1 – Original Soundtrack
[Apr 24, 2013] Bonus CD 2 – Drama CD #1
[Apr 24, 2013] Drama CD: Hitotsu Tonari no Amnesia
[May 29, 2013] Bonus CD 3 – Drama CD #2
[Jun 26, 2013] Bonus CD 4 – Drama CD #3
[Jul 31, 2013] Bonus CD 5 – Drama CD #4
[Sep 25, 2013] Bonus CD 6 – Drama CD #5


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