Angel Heart


Angel Heart (エンジェル・ハート) is a manga series written and illustrated by Tsukasa Hojo published in the Weekly Comic Bunch from 2001 throughout 2010. After the cancellation of Bunch, the manga was renewed in Monthly Comic Zenon under the title of Angel Heart: 2nd Season. An animated television series based on the manga aired in Japan from October 3, 2005 to September 25, 2006. The author mentioned in the first tankōbon volume that Angel Heart only shares the same characters as City Hunter but is not its continuation. Therefore, the events take place in a parallel universe.

The show starts off with a quick pace. It starts with Xiang Ying aka Glass Heart assassinating a man in the park, but while she’s walking away, she over-hears a little girl trying to give that man an ice-cream cone and telling her dad that he can’t sleep or the ice-cream will melt. As a result, Glass Heart (the assassin) then decides to commit suicide by jumping off of a building. A year later, after seeing some memories of the organ donors past, she wakes up in a mysterious place and finds her way to Ryo aka City Hunter. And that is where the story begins. The main concept this show uses is using many different stories over the course of 7 years to help shape Xiang Ying’s personality and help her start her life over and become human once again. The stories that the show covers is typically romantic and heart-warming, yet filled with danger and excitement. They show basic morals and values and help Xiang Ying understand that her assassin skills can be used for good and not always just for bad. Throughout the show, you’ll see Xiang Ying become more like Kaori (the organ donor whose heart was stolen) and make almost everyone’s life she comes across, better.

I really enjoyed this show. Almost every episode I found myself crying because the stories are just so wonderful. It’s nice to see that assassin skills can be used for good and not only for evil. This show can teach people a few good lessons and don’t let the number of episodes scare you either. Each story roughly covers 3 to 5 episodes each and the action is plentiful. I never found myself getting bored and I often felt that I had to continue watching the show and as a result, I lost a lot of sleep. A three day sabbatical should be a requirement to watch this show.

[sociallocker]Quality: 320kbps
Opening Theme
#1: “Finally” by Sowelu [Single, 320kbps]
#2: “Lion” by Koji Tamaki
#3: “Battlefield of love” by Isawa Asami
Ending Theme
#1: “Dare ka ga Kimi wo Omotteru” by Skoop On Somebody [Single, w/ BK]
#2: “Daydream Tripper” by U_WAVE
#3: “My Destiny” by Kanon
Angel Heart Original Soundtrack
Angel Heart Vocal Collection Vol.1
Angel Heart Vocal Collection Vol.2[/sociallocker]




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