Angel Sanctuary


Angel Sanctuary (天使禁猟区, Tenshi Kinryouku) is a fantasy shōjo manga series written and illustrated by Kaori Yuki. Appearing as a serial in the manga magazine Hana to Yume from July 1994 to October 2000, the 120 chapters were collected and published in twenty bound volumes by Hakusensha from February 1995 to February 2001. It focuses on Setsuna Mudo, a teenager who learns that he is the reincarnation of an angel who rebelled against Heaven. After the death of his sister, he travels through Hell and Heaven to reunite with her.

The animation is very good for the year 2000. It doesn’t have any computer graphics but it wasn’t necessary: the pencil and ink animation was perfect enough. The low-lights in the hair, also the texture of the hair (pretty much everything about the hair) to characters is very wispy and detailed. Short haired people would be envious of the long, flowy hair that these two-dimensional anime characters possess. There isn’t anything bad about the animation other than it’s a little out of date. (But not by much)

Those who are into dark anime aimed at a mature audience would like Angel Sanctuary. It’s tragic, but doesn’t require a box of Kleenex. (just a couple) The manga has twenty volumes while the OVA has three episodes, meaning the end of the OVA isn’t the end of the series. Angel Sanctuary should have been an anime series because the storyline scratches the surface. Also, the OVA hooks you into wanting more. It’s a promotion or teaser for the manga. With the exceptional storyline and excellent animation, Angel Sanctuarty is one of the best OVA’s made.

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