The Animatrix (アニマトリックス) is a 2003 American-Japanese best-selling direct-to-video anthology film based on The Matrix trilogy produced by The Wachowskis, who wrote and directed the trilogy. The film is a compilation of nine animated short films, including four written by the Wachowskis. It details the backstory of the Matrix universe, including the original war between man and machines which led to the creation of the Matrix.
It is a series of nine feature-film-quality short animated films. All of The Animatrix is deeply rooted in the world of the Matrix films. Viewers of The Animatrix will learn the origins of characters familiar from the Matrix films, learn of the genesis of the Matrix itself, as well as meet new characters in original stories inter-woven with the fabric of The Matrix feature films.

The Animatrix: THE ALBUM
Release Date Jun 03, 2003
File Size: 164 MB (320kbps)

01 Who Am I? (Animatrix Edit) 6:00
02 Big Wednesday 5:02
03 Blind Tiger 6:17
04 Under the Gun 3:30
05 Martenot Waves 7:47
06 Ren 2 4:10
07 Hands Around My Throat 5:07
08 Beauty Never Fades (Animatrix Edit) 6:19
09 Supermoves (Animatrix Remix) 4:17
10 Conga Fury (Animatrix Mix) 7:29
11 Red Pill, Blue Pill 9:02
12 The Real 8:02

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