Anime Music Video

that menu means,

you can watch video, either OP or ED theme song in TV Size version.
Criteria: Creditless (non credit), I got this video from DVD or Blu-ray (BDrip).
I think , it’s pretty good to put it here so not just download audio file, you can also watch video here.

I actually want to upload them on youtube, but you know all this video content copyright material and I don’t know how to bypass it ( I ever try some trick on youtube, how to bypass Copyright but it doesn’t work).
LAST, you can also request  for other video . just write your comment here.

    • Omokage Lucky Hole – Atashi Dake Ni Kakete

      TV Anime Natsu no Arashi! Opening Theme song あたしだけにかけて / 面影ラッキーホール Release Date May 13, 2009 Catalog No. KICM-3191 Tracklist […]

    • StarMyu Musical Song Series 2nd SHOW TIME 1

      「スタミュ」ミュージカルソングシリーズ: ☆2nd SHOW TIME 1☆揚羽陸&蜂矢聡 / 揚羽陸(CV: 島崎信長)、蜂矢聡(CV: 高梨謙吾) “Star-Myu” Musical Song Series 2nd SHOW TIME 1 Riku Ageha & […]

    • Kiniro no Corda ~primo passo~ Character Collection 0

      La corda d’oro -primo passo- Character Collection 0 Prelude 金色のコルダ ~primo passo~ キャラクターコレクション0 -前奏曲- Kiniro no Corda ~primo passo~ Character […]

    • Cyborg 009 CYBER MUSIC WORLD 2

      THE CYBORG SOLDIER 009 CYBER MUSIC WORLD II ~Encounter~ サイボーグ009 CYBER MUSIC WORLD2 ~遭遇~ Catalog Number AVCA-14406 Release Date Jul […]

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