Aoharu × Kikanjuu


Aoharu x Machinegun (青春×機関銃, Aoharu x Kikanjū) is a Japanese manga series by NAOE, serialized in Square Enix’s shōnen manga magazine Monthly GFantasy since January 2013. An anime television series adaptation has been announced and is scheduled to begin airing on July 2, 2015 at TBS. It will also air at CBC at the same date and at MBS, TUT, and BS-TBS at later dates. The anime has been licensed by Sentai Filmworks. The story follows high school student Hotaru Tachibana, a girl disguised as a boy. Through strange circumstances she finds herself drawn into the world of survival games by a host, Masamune Matsuoka. The two form a team with ero-manga artist Tohru Yukimura and aim to be the be the best in Japan.

Last Modified: May 13, 2016
[Aug 26, 2015] ED: Mikako Komatsu – Gunjo Survival
[Aug 26, 2015] OP: Team Toy★GunGun – The Bravest Destiny
Bonus CD (OST) : (1)(2)(3) (4)(5)


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