Aoi Eir – AUBE


AUBE is the second studio album released by Aoi Eir. It was released in three versions: Edition A limited CD+Blu-ray, Edition B limited CD+DVD, and a regular CD. The album’s title means Dawn in French; her previous record used a German title BLAU. The album includes four songs from her latest singles (both physical and digital releases): “Cobalt Sky”, “Sirius”, “Sanbika” and “Niji no Oto”, along with ten new compositions. The track “KASUMI” was released a week early as a digital pre-release and was used as January 2014’s ending theme for CTV’s Futtonda and the theme for NTV’s Music Dragon Music Play. The album reached #6 on the weekly Oricon chart, and continued to rank for a total of eight weeks.
Catalog Number SECL-1454
Release Date Jan 29, 2014

01 dawning 0:59
02 Sanbika 4:49
TV Anime “KILL la KILL” Insert Song
03 Kin Mirai Koukyoukyoku 4:31
04 Sirius 4:24
05 Astral 3:45
06 SAILING 4:58
07 Cobalt Sky 4:33
08 nayuta gride 4:08
09 Wakusei no Uta 5:13
10 Tsubasa no Yukue 4:27
11 Niji no Oto 4:51
12 Daydream 5:07
13 KASUMI 4:40
14 A New Day

Format/Quality Scan BK File Size Last Modified File Hosting
MP3/320kbps Yes 129 MB 02 Oct 2017 google drive


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