Argento Soma

AΠHENTO ΣOMA / アルジェント ソーマ
Argento Soma is a 25-episode anime TV series that aired on TV Tokyo from October 6, 2000, to March 22, 2001.
In the year 2059, the earth has been plagued by aliens for several years. In an effort to learn more about these aliens, Dr. Noguchi and his assistants Maki Agata and Tukuto Kenishiro try to revive the professor’s experiment, a large Bio-Mechanical alien named Frank. During this process the alien comes to ‘life’ and the lab is subsequently destroyed leaving Takuto the only survivor and the alien disappearing into the wilderness. While Frank roams the wilderness he meets Hattie, an emotionally distressed young girl whose parents are killed in the first ‘close encounter’ war. Oddly enough she is able to communicate with Frank and soon after they are taken into custody by a secret agency known only as ‘Funeral’. Meanwhile, Takuto wakes up in a hospital bed with his life in shambles, and his face disfigured. Motivated by vengeance and heart break, Takuto accepts an offer from the mysterious ‘Mr. X’ and receives a new identity as a ranking Funeral officer named Ryu Soma.
The anime was fantastic, yes the main character may might have been a bit villainous, but he shows his true self in the end. The anime is very mysterious, and it does have its fun moments, but it is a serious type of anime. I personally thought this was a masterpiece, and beats all the junk. Yes it was a bit repetitive in the middle, but it was all in the plot.

[sociallocker]Opening Theme: “Silent Wind” by Eri Sugai [Single]
Ending Theme: “Horizon” by Sphere
Insert song: Subarashiki Wagaya e – Houko Kawashima
Argento Soma Original Soundtrack I / OST 2
Argento Soma Image Album – “if” For the Future Lovers[/sociallocker]

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