Arion (アリオン) was a manga series written and illustrated by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, published in Tokuma Shoten’s Monthly Comic Ryū from March 1979 to September 1984. The story follows Arion, a young man kidnapped by Hades as a child and raised to believe that his mother was blinded by Zeus and that killing the ruler of Mount Olympus will cure her. An animated feature film adaptation, written and directed by Yasuhiko, was released in 1986.

In Thrace, Arion is taken from his mother Demeter by the god Hades. In the Underworld, Arion is trained to be a warrior. His training is driven by revenge: Arion was told that his mother’s blindness was caused by Zeus and Zeus’ death will remove the curse. Finally, Arion and Geedo (a huge ape-like creature who had become Arion’s friend and companion) left the Underworld to find Zeus. Seneca, a small thief, makes off with Arion’s sword and this leads Arion to his first encounter with the forces of Zeus, commanded by his daughter Athena. Arion is captured but is later set free by Lesfeena, Athena’s mute serving girl. As Arion rejoins Geedo and Seneca (and worries about Lesfeena), the forces of Zeus and Poseidon face each other in battle. In the background sits the scheming Hades, and the calm Apollon who seems to have plans of his own.

[sociallocker]Ending Theme: “Pegasus no Shoujo” by Kyouko Gotou
Arion Original Soundtrack:
Symphonic Suite Arion
Arion Soundtrack – Wanderings of Youth
Arion Image Album – Wind and Wilderness
Digital Trip 1800 ARION – Synthesizer Fantasy[/sociallocker]

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