Asatte no Houkou

Living for the Day After Tomorrow (あさっての方向) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by J-ta Yamada. The manga was serialized in Mag Garden’s magazine Comic Blade Masamune between March 3, 2005 and June 15, 2007. The manga was adapted into an anime series produced by J.C.Staff, which aired in Japan between October and December 2006. The story is about a young girl who grows older into an adult, and an adult woman who becomes younger, turning into a child.

There are far worse things than having to deal with your ex-boyfriend’s little sister or your older brother’s ex-girlfriend. But that’s something Karada Iokawa and Shoko Nogami have to learn the hard way when a magic wishing stone inexplicably grants Karada’s wish to be older—and does it by stealing the years from Shoko! Now Shoko, who’s already graduated and studied overseas, is Karada’s age, just about to enter junior high school. Meanwhile Karada must suddenly face the real facts about what being grown up entails. And just to make a bizarre situation even more awkward, there’s the issue of how to handle their existing romantic interests!

Karada is a young girl who hates being treated like a child and who wishes to be grown up. Shoko is an aloof, unhappy young woman who has just returned from overseas. When they meet by coincidence one night at a local shrine where they both like to make wishes, they exchange ages. I’ve never seen an anime where people exchange bodies, minds or anything. So, seeing something like this was a new deal for me. However, the plot is so much different than just switches. It may move really slow at times, but the character development and story is amazing. The story focuses more on Hiro and Shouko’s relationship, and the drama that Harada is put through after just being 12 years old. I even cried all the way through one of the episodes.

[sociallocker]Quality: 320kbps / MP3
Opening Theme: “Hikari no Kisetsu” by Suara [Single]
Ending Theme: “Sweet Home Song” by Yuumao [Single]
Character Image Album “Komorebi Diary”: Karada / Shouko
Asatte no Houkou OST: Truth[/sociallocker]


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