Ayakashi: Japanese Classic Horror



Ayakashi – Samurai Horror Tales
Ayakashi is a collection of three Japanese legends and folklore, each one told in a stand-alone fashion and with different art styles. They may as well be completely different anime, but nay, it is all packaged together for your convenience! The first, a variation of the telling of the Yotsuya Kai Dan is very dark, befitting for such a tragic tale. It fills the ‘horror’ genre very well, with its manifestations of vengeful spirits, curses, and tense moments. It flows very well, with real story or character bumps along the way; all goes on as it should. For a historical piece, this one is very involved, and it would be good to have some in-depth Japanese cultural knowledge, or there will be some things you will miss that are important to the story, since Yotsuya Kai Dan makes excellent use of imagery, the mark of a truly good horror story. The seinen-esque style of this one will let you know this is a story that will not end well~ There is a small cast of characters here, but very involved, as no character that is introduced is disposable; they all have a significant impact on the story, which is also very complicated. Pay attention! Anyone that does not enjoy figuring out complicated plot lines and lots of talking will probably not enjoy this.

[Mar 01, 2006] Opening Theme: “HEAT ISLAND” by Rhymester
[Mar 08, 2006] Ending Theme: “Haru no Katami” by Chitose Hajime
[Mar 24, 2006] Ayakashi: Japanese Classic Horror Original Soundtrack

Mononoke / モノノ怪 is a Japanese animated television series produced by Toei Animation. A spin-off of 2006’s horror anthology series Ayakashi: Samurai Horror Tales.
[Aug 22, 2007] Opening Theme: “Kagen no Tsuki”
[Aug 08, 2007] ED: “Natsu no Hana” by JUJU
[Sep 19, 2007] Mononoke Original Soundtrack

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