Ayakashi (アヤカシ) is a 2005 visual novel developed by Crossnet. A twelve-episode anime adaptation was aired in 2007. A bundle release of the game called Ayakashi Pack was released on December 14, 2007 to celebrate the release of the anime. Ayakashi are parasitic life forms that give their hosts superpowers, but in return, the use of these powers incurs an increasing physical and mental toll on the host eventually resulting in the host’s death. Yū Kusaka is a student who lost his will to live after the death of a dear childhood friend. He is brought out of his depression by the arrival of a mysterious girl, named Eim Yoake, and his life is never the same again. Hunted by Ayakashi and their hosts, the power within Yū awakens and a never-ending battle begins.

The base story aids this in its presentation. Although the premise is simple, Yuu holds within him a powerful Ayakashi and finds himself the target of villains wanting that power (played superbly by Tomakazu Sugita) while his friends suffer (the first of which was his childhood friend and crush Izumi. As nw Girl Eimu shows up to protect, Yuu the story develops nicely along a stadily paced path, with implication’s of romance, violence, the price of death, among other themes. Whats intersting about these powers, is that using them, the Ayakashi eats at your own life force, andthe more you use it, the more you get injured, and permanent effects like blindness tart to take place, which offers a more subdued battle show that makes it all the more entertaining. The link between Eimu and Izumi is also nicely developed, taking the series in a nice direction that one doesnt expect making watching the developments very rewarding.

If you want something deep in dramatic tension, with a decent amount of blood and violence (that thankfully doesnt overdo it) with a dark foreboding atmosphere, you can go no wrong with Ayakashi. Its one of the darker tales of its genre, and as animation goes as a whole, its decently executed. Its never going to reach any lofty heights due to being weighed down from uninspired fight scenes and parts of the drama that are glossed over too quickly, but ignoring these little flaws, its a worthwhile 12 episode series that deserves more attention than it has garnered since its release.


[sociallocker]Quality: 320kbps / MP3
Opening Theme: “Cloudier Sky” by Ayane [Single]
Ending Theme: “Kagaribi” by KAORI [Single]
Ayakashi Original Soundtrack

Character Song:
1. Yoake Eim (cv. Nana Mizuki)
2. Makihara Izumi (cv. Nogawa Sakura)
3. Yakushiji Hime (cv. Matsuki Miyu)
4. Pam Werne Asakura (cv. Ai Shimizu)
5. Yoake Akino (cv. Satsuki Yukino)
Ayakashi The BEST Vocal Collection[/sociallocker]


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