Bakuretsu Tenshi

Burst Angel (爆裂天使, Bakuretsu Tenshi) is a Japanese animated television series directed by Koichi Ohata, from a screenplay by Fumihiko Shimo. It was produced by the Gonzo animation studio. Burst Angel takes place in the near future, after a rise in criminal activity forced the Japanese government to allow citizens to possess firearms and establish the Recently Armed Police of Tokyo (RAPT). The series follows a band of four mercenaries, named Jo, Meg, Sei, and Amy. The series aired on TV Asahi from April 6, 2004 to September 14, 2004, totaling 24 episodes.

In a crime-ridden future Japan, Kyouhei Tachibana is a peaceful student at a culinary school, dreaming of going to France for advanced study as a pâtissier (pastry chef). To afford the trip, he accepts a part-time job as private cook to a strange group of women: Sei, Meg, Jo, and Amy. To Kyouhei’s astonishment, they turn out to be a band of violent mercenaries, and he finds himself in the line of fire.


[sociallocker]Opening Theme:Loosey” by THE STRiPES [Single, 320kbps]
Ending Theme:Under the Sky” by Cloudica [Single, VBR 256~320kbps]
Bakuretsu Tenshi Suit Perfect Edition (320kbps+LOG)
Original Soundtrack (Disc 1 / Disc 2)

Bakuretsu Tenshi Suit CD:
(320kbps CBR, excl. Vol. 4)
1. “Baku” Jo-17
2. “Retsu” Meg-15
3. “Ten” Amy-11
4. “Shi” Sei-19[/sociallocker]


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