Baldr Force

Baldr Force is a 2D action-shooter game and eroge visual novel with fast action and detailed sprite characters. The game features a world in the not-so-distant future where humans are able to dive into the network, and fight using humanoid tools called “Simulacrum”. An OVA based on the game entitled, “BALDR FORCE EXE Resolution” was released on October 11, 2006. The OVA consists of 4 episodes and was directed by Takashi Yamazaki.

Any network runs all over the world, and the development of the information network reaches its acme. In this age, there are two developed worlds; “the real world” and “wired”, or the virtual network world.
Soma Toru belongs to a hacking group, Steppen Wolf, which runs around the network world freely. They attack the database of the UN forces as their last work. During this attack, he loses Nonomura Yuya, his friend as well as the team leader. Toru is arrested by the army. In exchange for letting him free, he has to work for an anti-hacker organization, the first squad of the UN Security Force Information Administration Bureau.
Working for them, he is looking for the person who killed his friend, while the other members also have their own reason to fight.
The three-way fights of the terrorist group, the security enterprise, and the army, continue every day. The various events occurred during the fight seem to be independent of each other at the first glance, but they’re converging on one event as if they were attracted by something.

The series is about a man, Tooru, who has lost everything and joins up with a kind of team, or company, called FLAK. The series is set in a would-be Japan, where the “wired world” is part of everyday life. People are able to literally plug themselves into certain computers and spend time in this new cyber world. It is quite a difficult concept for the writers of this OVA to get across well in such a small amount of time, but they do it brilliantly. The music was absolutely incredible. KOTOKO sings the opening theme and the lyrics fit so well with the series, and Mami Kawada sings the ending, which is beautiful but sad at the same time. Luckily for me, these two are actually my favourite singers.

[sociallocker]Opening Theme: “Face of Fact ~ Resolution Ver. ~” by KOTOKO
Ending Theme: “undelete” by Mami Kawada
Baldr Force Exe Op & ED Theme (Single, w/ BK)
Baldr Force Exe Resolution Original Soundtrack[/sociallocker]

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