Basquash! (バスカッシュ!) is a sports and sci-fi anime which aired on Mainichi Broadcasting System. It involves characters playing basketball while riding mecha. The series premise was created by Thomas Romain and Shoji Kawamori, with the animation produced by Satelight. Shoji Kawamori handled the project direction, while the series direction was done by Shin Itagaki and later Eiichi Sato. On the planet Earthdash, its inhabitants gaze on its moon and the technologically advanced lunar city of Mooneyes with awe. Dan JD, a boy living in Rollingtown on Earthdash’s surface, gets caught up in Bigfoot Basketball—a fast-paced sport played with giant Bigfoot robots.

As we know, most sports anime will start off in school and later compete with other school then to the nationals and so on… but this anime combines the theme of adventure together with sports, and the characters travel around the world and even to outer space. there’s also a pinch of romance and harem which makes it even more interesting. when i first read the synopsis, i was thinking, ”why did they need to make a story about robots playing basketballs?” but later when i watch it, i understand that they were trying to make a story where there are obstacles in the court of a basketball game and that the story is not just about sports but about sports that could save humans from the end of the world, the funny thing is that this anime is when it is promoting the Nike brand and could get really funny, because every now and then the robots need to change their shoes and sometimes, during climax, you could see the logo.[sociallocker]
Opening Theme
#01: “nO limiT” by Eclipse [Single]
#02: “Boku ga Boku no Mama” by THE SPIN [Single]

Ending Theme
#01: “free” by Yu Yamada[Single]
#02: “Futari no Yakusoku” by Eclipse [Single]
Eps #13: “Running On” by Eclipse [Single]
Eps #24: “Hoshi Watari“by Citron (CV. Nakajima Megumi)

Basquash! Original Soundtrack
Basquash! Eclipse Debut Album – Idol Attack[/sociallocker]


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