Bincho-tan (びんちょうタン) is a mascot character, created by Japanese manga artist Takahito Ekusa (江草天仁) and produced by game goods company Alchemist. The name is a play on words: binchōtan (備長炭) is a kind of charcoal, which is mainly used for cooking. However, -tan is a suffix created by the mispronunciation by young children of -san, that led to the suffix -chan. Relating to this dajare, the main cast is the moe anthropomorphic representations of different types of charcoal. An anime began airing in February 2006 that was produced by Studio Deen. Animax, who have also broadcast all episodes within respective networks across Southeast Asia, South Asia, East Asia, translating and dubbing the series into English and other languages. The anime is set in Minabe, Wakayama, a location that is the largest producer of binchōtan charcoal in Japan.

Each episode in the series is split into two individual stories, so over the course of half an hour the viewer is shown two chapters in Binchou-tan’s life. Surprisingly, this works rather well, especially as this is purely a slice of life show. Over the course of the series the viewer is given a taste of Binchou-tan’s life, and whilst the general tone is very much an upbeat one, the show isn’t afraid to give the old heartstrings a good hard yank (you have been warned). In all honesty, I would recommend this series to anyone who simply wants to watch something nice for a change. There’s no romance, no real drama, no big fights, and no gondolas (there are ducks and birds however), but don’t be fooled into thinking that there isn’t anything for you to watch. This is an extremely enjoyable series, and the length of each episode means that, whilst you can easily finish the whole show in one sitting, you’ll probably find yourself spreading the series out over the course of a few days (just to make it last longer).[sociallocker]
Opening Theme: “Iroha” by CooRie [Single w/scanS]
Ending Theme: “Binchou Ondo” by Kadowaki Mai [Single w/scanS]
Binchou-tan Character CD (w/scans): Vol. 1 / Vol. 2
Binchou-tan Original Soundtrack (w/scanS)
Binchou-tan Drama CD (w/scans): (1)(2)(3)[/sociallocker]


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