Blood Lad (8 CD)

Blood Lad (ブラッドラッド) is a manga series created by Yuuki Kodama and serialized in Young Ace. Blood Lad follows Staz Charlie Blood, a vampire from the surreal “Demon World”, who meets Fuyumi Yanagi, an ordinary girl who accidentally wanders into the Demon World through a portal. Shortly after their meeting Fuyumi is killed by a carnivorous plant and turned into a ghost, causing Staz to take responsibility and pledge to help bring her back to life.

Opening Theme: “ViViD” by May’n [Single]
Ending Theme: “BLOODY HOLIC” by Yuuka Nanri [Single w/scans]
Bonus CD (Audio Drama): (1)(2)(3)(4)
Blood Lad Original Soundtrack: OST 1 / OST 2


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