Blue Gender (3 CD)

Blue Gender (ブルージェンダー) is a 26-episode anime created, co-directed and co-written by Ryōsuke Takahashi broadcast in Japan from 1999-2000. Blue Gender was created by the Japanese animation studio. The Blue Gender series is set in the 2030s, in which Earth has been overrun by the Blue, which are mutated insect-like creatures containing a newly evolved B-cell that recently appeared in several humans, including the main protagonist, Yuji Kaido, that kill and harvest humans for food. Most of the surviving human race has moved to Second Earth, a huge space station that orbits the planet. The series mostly focuses on Yuji and Marlene’s relationship as they work together to reach Second Earth and their participation in military combat operations against the Blue.

Yuji Kaido was diagnosed with a serious disease and cryogenically frozen. He wakes up more than 20 years later—and Earth is nothing like what he remembers. A race of alien bugs called the Blue has taken over the planet, and a few selected humans have retreated to the space station called Second Earth. Yuji is met by a group of humans from Second Earth that is trying to save him. Yuji and this group must survive the Blue-infested Earth and fight their way back to Second Earth. Things are not as simple as they seem, as the Blue are both powerful and mysterious, attacking only humans.[sociallocker]
Opening Theme: “Tokihanate!” by Houko Kuwashima
Ending Theme: “Ai Ga Oshiete Kureta” by Houko Kuwashima
Blue Gender Original Soundtrack (320kbps): (1)(2)(3)[/sociallocker]

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