Blue Seed (11 CD)

I love the story, early on the show is monster of the week but about half way through it because one straight story. It is mainly about how heritage is ignored in modern society and on this note; they never go overboard and mix in enough action that it is usually moving forwards. The anime itself came out in 1994-95 with 26 episodes, the art itself improved in the latter episodes, but overall the characters looked very well drawn and their designs matched the personality of the character, such as the conservative appearance of Kaede to the ecchi appeal of Sakura Yamazaki when decked out in her revealing red dress. My enjoyment overall was a pleasant experience as it accomplishes what Inuyasha never did with well rounded character leads, a good set of a supporting cast around the leads, and a main villain I could take seriously. It’s a shame that Blue Seed is an obscure title that few people have seen as compared to the runaway hit Inuyasha, as I felt Blue Seed has more likeable characters than Inuyasha and better than Inuyasha in terms of story and romance. I’m proud to be a Blue Seed fan and it is a title I would reccommend to anybody.[sociallocker]
Opening Theme
Series: “Carnival Babel” by Takada Band [Single, 192kbs]

OVA: “Eternal Truth” by Keiko Kimoto & Masaaki Iizuka
Blue Seed OVA OP – ED (Single, 160kbps)
Ending Theme (Series):
#1: “Touch and Go” by Megumi Hayashibara
#2: “Life” by Megumi Hayashibara
Blue Seed ED Theme (Single, 320kbps)
Ending Theme (OVA):
#1: “Second Kiss” by Mihao Matsuba & Masaaki Iizuka
#2: “Sunrise For two” by Keiko Kimoto (in which album ???)
Bonus CD (Theme Song, Image Song & Drama CD)
OST: Ongaku HenBlue Seed Too
Theme Song Collection:
1. Starmani Series – BLUE SEED
(info) (320kbps+BK) (Password: bs@animusic)
(info) (320kbps) (Password: bs@animusic)[/sociallocker]

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