Blue Submarine No. 6 (3 CD)

Blue Submarine No. 6 (青の6号 Ao no 6-gou, literally “Blue No.6”), officially translated in Japan as “Blue Sub 006”, is a post-apocalyptic 3-volume manga series written and illustrated by Satoru Ozawa. The manga was published in 1967 by Shogakukan, and was serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine. When the OVA adaptation was announced by Gonzo, the manga was revised into 5 volumes under the new name Ao no Roku-gō AO6 (青の6号 AO6). It was published by Seika Bukansha and was serialized in Sebun Comics magazine on June 1997. The OVA series was released in 2000. Both manga and OVA have received mixed to negative reviews due to the poor plot and characters, however it was praised for its computer-generated animation.[sociallocker]
Ending Theme: “Mina Soko ni Nemure” by The Thrill ft. Yukarie
Ao no 6-gou Original Soundtrack (320kbps) OST 1 / OST 2
Blue Submarine No. 6 Antartica Original Soundtrack (320kbps)[/sociallocker]

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