Bodacious Space Pirates

Miniskirt Space Pirates (ミニスカ宇宙海賊) is a Japanese light novel series about space pirates written by Yūichi Sasamoto and published by Asahi Shimbun Shuppan since October 2008. An anime television series adaptation produced by Satelight, under the title Bodacious Space Pirates (Moretsu Uchuu Kaizoku / モーレツ宇宙海賊) aired in Japan between January 8, 2012 and June 30, 2012. A film adaptation was released in Japanese theaters on February 22, 2014. The anime version won the 2013 Seiun Award for Best Dramatic Presentation.

In the far future where space travel has become the norm, Marika Kato is a high school girl living a rather ordinary life as a member of the space yacht club and a part-time job at a high-class retro café. One day, Marika learns of her recently deceased father, Gonzaemon, who is revealed to have been a Space Pirate who performed legal acts of piracy under the letter of marque. In order for her father’s ship, the Bentenmaru (弁天丸), to continue legal operation, Marika, Gonzaemon’s direct descendant, is chosen to become the ship’s new captain, thus beginning her life as a Space Pirate.

Opening Theme:
Mouretsu Uchuu Koukyoukyoku – Dai-Shichi Gakushou ‘Mugen no Ai’ by Momoiro Clover Z
Ending Theme:
1. Lost Child by Momoiro Clover Z
Eps 09: Black Holy
Eps 13: Toumei Na Yozora~Matataku Hoshi Ni Tsutsumarete~
2. Mirai Kouro by Mikako Komatsu
Original Soundtrack: Vol. 1 ~ Vol. 3
Moretsu Uchu Kaizoku OST Complete CD Box
Moretsu Uchuu Kaizoku The Movie:
Image song: Sail Away
Theme Song: Kirakira-go-round

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