Bokémon 5 – Aim for that Hill

Aim for that Hill (Japanese:あの丘をめざして Ano Oka wo Mezashite) is one of the opening songs of the Japanese Pikachu shorts anime series. It debuted in Camp Pikachu.
Lyrics: PikaPika Project (ピカピカ・プロジェクト)
Composer & Arranger: Hirokazu Tanaka
Catalog Number YRCN-34004
Release Date Jul 10, 2002[sociallocker]
01 Aim for that Hill (Movie Version) 3:22
02 Aim for that Hill (BokéPika Version) 3:04
03 Aim for that Hill (Original Karaoke)
File Size: 22 MB (w/ scans)[/sociallocker]

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