Bounen no Xamdou (6 CD)


Xam’d: Lost Memories, known in Japan as Xam’d of the Forgotten Memories (亡念のザムド Bounen no Xamdou), is an anime series, conceptualized by Bones and co-developed by Sony Computer Entertainment, Aniplex and Bones, which made its debut on Sony’s inaugural launch of the PlayStation Network (PSN) video download service at E3 in the United States on July 16, 2008, in Japan on September 24, 2008. The series received its television premiere across Japan on MBS, CBC, Tokyo MX and other Japanese broadcast networks from April 2009. Xam’d: Lost Memories spanned a total of 26 episodes.

The beginning of the series is very focused on a few characters, and slowly branches out to include more and more characters in the plot until towards the end all of the characters are being covered but the focus is where it should be. Things start rather slow I think in the beginning, but the other elements really hold it together and make it worth sticking around for. I don’t think many people will fully understand the resolution, so the tip I can give you without spoiling the show is to understand Akiyuki’s connection to Xam’d. Pretty vague, huh? Well if you really string together various scenes and points of view of many of the characters the entire world really comes together rather complete and stunning. For anyone who likes depth in story I strongly reccomend Xam’d: Lost Memories. It might be a bit unknown in terms of popularity but that’s because it’s a very character driven story along with many, many scenes in a single episode so the faint of heart might not like the jumps between settings so quickly. Especially when the story crosses dialogue from one character with scenery from someplace completely different. The show has a very individual look on people and life in general, which made the plot intensely likable for me. Don’t worry, the ending doesn’t upset in my book. I must warn viewers that if you don’t understand what’s going on and get lost or confused, you will probably get frustrated with the choices that characters are making, even under their respective personalities. But, if you follow the plot you will really understand why a character does or doesn’t do something, or what the heck just happened and where they are you’ll love the show by the end, guaranteed. I found this out in my second viewing that I liked the choices characters made the second time through because I fully understood the show and where it was going.

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[Dec 03, 2008] Kylee – VACANCY
[July 01, 2009] Boom Boom Satellites – Back on My Feet
[July 22, 2009] Bounen no Xamdo Original Soundtrack
[July 29, 2009] Kylee meets Xam’d: Lost Memories

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