Brigadoon: Marin to Melan (3 CD)

BRIGADOON: marin & μελαν ( BRIGADOON まりんとメラン) is a science fiction anime that ran from 2000 to 2001, produced by the Sunrise company, and was adapted as a manga by Nozomi Watase. Its story takes place in Japan in 1969; it is about an orphan girl named Marin Asagi who befriends an alien being called Melan Blue. Brigadoon was directed by Yoshitomo Yonetani and the characters were designed by Takahiro Kimura, both of whom worked on The King of Braves GaoGaiGar and Betterman. The show’s setting in Yayoi, Tokyo was based on the neighborhoods that director Yonetani and art director Takashi Nakamura once lived in. Color is a recurring theme in the series as well. Most if not all of the episodes have a color in the title, and nearly everyone in the cast is named after a color in one way or another. Likewise, the rainbow is an important image.

Marin is a typical junior high school girl with a sunny disposition and a loving adoptive family. Her life takes a drastic change when a mysterious mirage is seen in the sky above the entire earth. Killer androids called Monomakia descend to earth from the formation in the sky called Brigadoon and begin to hunt down little Marin. She discovers a blue bottle in a shrine as she seeks escape and from the bottle comes a protector, a sword carrying gun slinging alien called Melan Blue, together they must save the earth and deal with family crisis, school prejudice and the police and come to an understanding of Marins past and Melans unexplained mission, as well as learn to trust each other. Set in 1969 Japan with a colorful cast of friends and enemies.[sociallocker]
Quality: MP3 (320kbps)
Opening Theme: “Blue of Wind, Green of Sea (Kaze no Ao, Umi no Midori) ” by Ikuko
Ending Theme: “Rainbow Colored Treasure (Niji Iro no Takaramono)” by KAORI
Brigadoon: Marin to Melan OP & ED Theme [Single]
Brigadoon: Marin to Melan OST 1 / OST 2[/sociallocker]

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