Brother Conflict

Brothers Conflict (ブラザーズ コンフリクト), also known as BroCon, is a Japanese novel series created by Atsuko Kanase, written by Takeshi Mizuno and illustrated by Udajo. It has been adapted into two PlayStation Portable video games by Idea Factory, a yonkoma manga series and an anime television series. The 12-episode anime aired between July and September 2013 and is animated by Brain’s Base. Hinata Ema is the only daughter of a famous adventurer, Hinata Rintarou. One day, Ema learns that Rintarou is going to remarry with a successful apparel maker named Asahina Miwa. Since she doesn’t want to disturb them, Ema decides to move out and live with her 13 new brothers in a mansion called Sunrise Residence. As they live under the same roof, romance is starting to grow between Ema and the Asahina brothers.
Last Modified: May 12, 2016

[July 10, 2013] OP: BELOVED×SURVIVAL
[July 31, 2013] ED: 「14 to 1」/ASAHINA Bros.+JULI
[Sep 20, 2013] Mini Album: 1. 「オ・ト・ナ」 // Otona
[Oct 23, 2013] Mini Album: 2. 「コ☆ド☆モ」 // Kodomo

Bonus CD (Mini Drama & Character Song):
[Aug 21, 2013] 01 – Tsubaki & Azusa
[Sep 20, 2013] 02 – Fuuto & Yusuke
[Oct 23, 2013] 03 – Ukyo & Hikaru
[Nov 27, 2013] 04 – Kaname & Iori
[Dec 25, 2013] 05 – Juri & Rui
[Jan 29, 2014] 06 – Masaomi & Wataru
[Feb 26, 2014] 07 – Natsume & Subaru

Brothers Conflict OVA
Opening Theme: “MY SWEET HEAVEN♂♀” by Gero
Ending Theme: “I LOVE YOU ga Kikoenai” by ASAHINA Bros.+JULI
Special CD 【MY SWEET HEAVEN♂♀ × Re-Quest!】 各パート抜きソロVer.
Bonus CD (Character Song & Mini Drama CD): (Vol. 1 / Vol. 2)
[Nov 26, 2014] Brocon OVA Character Song CD: RE-Quest

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