BTOOOM! / ブトゥーム!


The story entails a mix of survival and psychological. The story is literally booming with ideas. From the unique BIM variants, to the psychotic inhabitants trying to blow you apart at any opportunity. Btooom! is survival horror themed anime series based off the manga of the same name. It doesn’t take long for the characters in the series to realize their lives have changed forever to be quite honest. The series takes itself from the very beginning and presents a game scenario where in order to survive, you must kill seven other people before they can kill you. It’s survival of the fittest and it’s a every one for themselves.

The basis of the series is actually based off a game from the anime series itself called Btooom. But now, our 22-years old main protagonist Ryota Sakamoto’s life has changed forever when he realizes the new situation of his reality. Ryōta is one of the world’s best Btoom players, an online multiplayer where the objective is to seek out and destroy your opponents using BIMS (bombs). However, his new life puts on the edge between survival and death. The difference? It’s real. In other words, there’s no pause button, no restart, or bonus lives. No, now you’re dead, YOU’RE DEAD.

Last Modified: June 05, 2016
[Oct 10, 2012] nano – No pain, No game
[Oct 11, 2012] May’n – Aozora
[Nov 21, 2012] Bonus CD 1: OST 1
[Dec 19, 2012] Bonus CD 2: Radio CD #1
[Jan 23, 2013] Bonus CD 3: Drama CD #1
[Feb 20, 2013] Bonus CD 4: OST 2
[Mar 20, 2013]Bonus CD 5: Radio CD #2
[Apr 24, 2013] Bonus CD 6: Drama CD #2


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