Bubuki Buranki

Bubuki Buranki (ブブキ・ブランキ), also known as BBK/BRNK, is a Japanese anime television series created by Sanzigen to celebrate their 10th anniversary. It is scheduled to air from January 9, 2016.
When Azuma Kazuki returns to Japan after 10 years, he gets assaulted by a group of armed men and becomes their prisoner. Kogane Asabuki, a childhood friend, saves him with a weapon on her right hand known as Bubuki; a weapon with its own mind. Azuma Kazuki, who is a Bubuki user himself, learns about the existence of Bubuki and goes on a journey alongside the companions he has found, in an attempt to find and revive Oubu, a Buranki (titan) who sleeps underground.

[Jan 27, 2016] Opening Theme: “Beat your Heart” by Konomi Suzuki
[Feb 24, 2016] Ending Theme: “ANGER/ANGER” by MYTH & ROID
[Nov 30, 2016] Reirou taru Junketsu wa “Kouen” no Kairai wo Hashirase, Gyouten ni Kirameku Akashi wo Kizamu.
[Nov 30, 2016] Mikako Komatsu – so beautiful

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