BUD VIRGIN LOGIC – Schlehit Melodie

Schlehit Melodie/Danzai no Solitude / BUD VIRGIN LOGIC
×旋律-Schlehit Melodie-/断罪のソリテュード / BUD VIRGIN LOGIC
TV Anime “SHOW BY ROCK!!#” Insert Song
Catalog Number PCCG-70338
Release Date Nov 30, 2016

01 Schlehit Melodie
02 Danzai no Solitude
03 Schlehit Melodie (Instrumental)
04 Danzai no Solitude (Instrumental)

Vo & Gt: アイレーン (CV: Ruriko Noguchi)
Ba & Vo: ペイペイン (CV: Aimi Tanaka)
Dr & Vo: ハンドレッコ (CV: Ibuki Kido)

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