BURNING DANCE ~and other Japanimation songs~

“BURNING DANCE ~and other Japanimation songs~” is m.o.v.e’s 17th single and the final release in their “electropica” era, which began with the release of the album TropicanTrops. All of the tracks on this single have been used for anime soundtracks, as the name suggests. “BURNING DANCE” was used as the third ending theme of the TV Tokyo anime Asobotto Senki Goku. Meanwhile, “Drivin’ Through The Night” was the opening theme for the anime Ikkitosen. And, “Gamble Rumble” was featured in the anime Initial D.
Catalog Number AVCT-30071
Release Date Jun 25, 2003

02 Drivin’ Through The Night 4:08
03 Gamble Rumble 4:30
04 Drivin’ Through The Night ~club mix~ (Remixed by t-kimura) 4:16
05 BURNING DANCE (Instrumental) 4:23
06 Drivin’ Through The Night (Instrumental)
File Size: 59 MB (320kbps)

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