Carnival Phantasm

Carnival Phantasm (カーニバル・ファンタズム) is a comedy OVA series based on the Type-Moon gag manga, Take-Moon (テイク・ムーン) by Eri Takenashi, the author of Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens. The OVA series was created by Type-Moon to celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary. The series focuses on funny and absurd situations happening to the various characters of the Type-Moon franchises, mostly from Fate/stay night and Tsukihime. The Ahnenerbe is a pub/shop that appears and disappears among parallel worlds. Once every ten years, an event called “The Carnival Moment” occurs, where tales from other dimensions and worlds cross paths, allowing characters from various tales to encounter each other. During this particular Carnival Moment, a multitude of characters from Type-Moon works meet, mainly from Fate/stay night and Tsukihime. These characters are then subjected to a series of situations and parodies not seen in their respective works they come from.

Opening Theme: “Super☆Affection (すーぱー☆あふぇくしょん)” by Minami Kuribayashi, Miyuki Hashimoto, Faylan, Aki Misato, yozuca*, rino [Single w/scans]
Ending Theme: “Fellows” by Masaaki Endoh [Single]
Carnival Phantasm Original Soundtrack Dai Ongakusai (w/scans)
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